Kraiburg TPE compounds lend Emsa products widely varied advantages

The salad spinner Thus Emsa can use flexible two-component injection moulding for production. At the same time the material's great elasticity provides additional and highly worthwhile product advantages. The salad spinner, for instance, is the first of its kind in a folding design; this saves storage space. The product has been awarded numerous design prizes. Among them are the reddot design award and commendation as the "2010 Product of the Year” by the pro-K plastics association. All compounds are odourless and tasteless and meet US and European regulations for materials that come into contact with food. Since the material, particularly in the folding salad spinner, is in contact with food over a large surface area, the optimal properties in regard to taste and odour neutrality were of prime importance to EMSA as it selected the materials. Owing to a newly created formulation, the developers at Kraiburg TPE were able to quickly achieve the desired results. Thanks to perfect bonding of the TPE compounds on the two substrate plastics - SAN and ABS - used in the salad spinner, Emsa can also employ the economical and hygienic two-component injection moulding process for manufacturing. The centre part, 10 cm high, also functions as a colourful design element, with the TPE layer situated between the two transparent plastics. Thanks to its high elasticity, the TPE layer makes it possible to collapse both the sieve on the inside and the outside shell to a space-saving height of just seven centimeters. That cuts the original size in half. No fissures are opened, nor can any grime get between the layers. The plastics bond ideally and are dishwasher-safe, as well.

Mix & Bake

 When manufacturing the "Mix & Bake” mixing bowls Emsa profits from the bonding properties, neutrality in regard to odor and taste, and the Thermolast K compounds' compliance with food-handling requirements. In addition to the superior bonding to the ABS, the TPE used here ensures excellent stability for the bowls and the easy gripping of the side elements. The red TPE elements "penetrate” the side walls and offer cooking enthusiasts a practical aid inside the bowls. The moulded-in measurement graduations show very legibly and virtually indestructibly the exact volume of the contents, in both litres and cups. Over and above that, the coloured TPE - green for the folding salad spinner and red for the mixing bowls - used in the Emsa culinary accessories make for true designer pieces that will grace any kitchen. This flexibility in regard to the desired colour also offers Emsa many options for special campaigns and promotional activities. Thanks to its global organisation, with production sites in Germany, the US and Malaysia, the bavarian TPE compounder can provide support to Emsa at production facilities in Asia just as quickly and easily as in Europe. Kraiburg TPE at K 2010: Hall 6, stand C58-1/2