Krahn Chemie to distribute Sinopec styrene block copolymers in Europe

[image_0] Styrene block copolymers (SBC) can be used in a multitude of applications including pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, bitumen modifications, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-S). The use of SBC considerably improves the elastic recovery of pressure-sensitive and hot-melt adhesives and also significantly increases the impact resistance of plastics.

Suijun Yang, Manager Chemical Department of Sinopec Europa Handels GmbH, explained the choice of Krahn Chemie as follows: "Krahn Chemie has impressed us with its excellent market access and its extensive technical competence. Krahn Chemie is a target-driven, advanced company, and we are looking forward to long-term cooperation.”

"Sinopec is one of the leading manufacturers in the world and a powerful partner,” said Dr. Volker Erb, Manager of the Adhesives and Sealants section at Krahn Chemie. "The modern production facilities and processes of Sinopec are impressive, modern, and demonstrate high quality standards.”

In addition, the two companies intend to develop their cooperation further. Krahn Chemie is also going to be taking over the distribution of other commodities from Sinopec in the coming months.