Kraft MiO packaging squeezes a shapely market niche


Prior to 2011, it had been about 15 years since Kraft Foods had launched a new brand. So what better time then to try and invent a whole new category for the beverage segment?

In his presentation at The Packaging Conference (Feb. 4-6; Atlanta, GA), Peter Borowski, head of design at Kraft Foods, discussed the journey of inventing MiO, which he called "one of Kraft's largest and most successful brand launches."

"The company was pushing to create something unique and intuitive," he said. "We wanted to make something that was very different and develop a brand that would have a consistent total voice."

Kraft was already well represented in the beverage industry with iconic brands such as Capri Sun, Tang and Kool-Aid. But the creation of MiO, a flavored zero-calorie water enhancer, wasn't just centered on the product, but also its unique shaped packaging.

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