Konarka and Webasto to integrate Power Plastic into automotive roofs


Konarka and Webasto recently announced a collaboration to further develop Power Plastic organic solar cells for integration into automotive roofs. Webasto is a German automotive roofing system manufacturer and integrator. Konarka's photovoltaics manufacturing approach uses roll-to-roll printing on plastic substrates which could be one technology to eventually make solar widespread by lowering costs enough. Together, the two companies are an excellent match for commercial integration.

Konarka's lightweight, flexible solar is organic and recyclable, and able to be bonded or laminated to many different materials. Its flexible nature and ability to cover nooks and crannies and fill oddly-shaped surfaces, as well as its availability in many colors, will make it a superior option for integration into car roofs for consumers who are image conscious and want elegant integration.

Despite having achieved industry leading performance levels, Konarka's Power Plastics efficiencies are still only in the single digits. Developing their organic solar product further with an automotive roof manufacturer will help speed learning opportunities, as a first attempt at commercial installation....
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