K 2013: Sumitomo Demag boosts China's role, shows SL plastication

Düsseldorf — Sumitomo Demag, the five-year-old combination of Japanese and German technical firepower, is rapidly increasing the role of injection molding machine manufacturing in China.

In a press conference at K2013, the company announced plans to invest €7 million to expand capacity in a new manufacturing plant in Ningbo, China. The Ningbo factory builds a machine trademarked Systec C with clamping forces of 500-10,000 kN for the Chinese and other markets.

Production capacity will rise from 650 machines to 1000 per year. Targeted completion date is 2015.

The percentage of machines exported from the Chinese plant has been rising dramatically. There is growing demand for the Ningbo units in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and even Latin America.

The percentage of machines sold into the export market from Ningbo has risen from 5% in 2010 to 25% today.

Sumitomo Demag also operates manufacturing plants in Germany and Japan.

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