K 2013: Solvay launches bio-based PPA for smart phones

Düsseldorf — Solvay Specialty Polymers is introducing an all-new bioplastic for consumer electronics applications based on castor oil and its proprietary high-end amorphous polyphthalamide (PPA) chemistry.

"We are introducing this product because of requests from customers in Asia," Solvay product manager Vincent Meunier said in an interview at K 2013. Producers of consumer electronics asked for a plastic that has better mechanical properties and stain resistance than the plastics currently used, typically alloys of polycarbonate and ABS. They also wanted a plastic that is made from renewable resources.

The new plastic, called the Kalix HPPA 3000 series, was formally introduced at the show, but has already moved into production on a consumer electronic component. Details were not disclosed.

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