K 2013: Patent-pending polishing stack technology utilizes automation, all-electric capabilities

Reifenhäuser wants the industry to forget what it currently knows about polishing stacks.

“With Mirex MT we have completely changed the current state-of-the-art technology and chosen a different approach,” said Helmut Meyer, responsible developing engineer. “Our courage paid off. In the past, it was hardly conceivable what the new polishing stacks are able to accomplish with regard to precision, automation, and reduction of production cost.”

At the K 2013 preview (July 1-3; Düsseldorf, Germany), Reifenhäuser Managing Director Ulrich Reifenhäuser said the company is “rethinking” precision.

“What we did is bring in the motion control of two machines and the result is fully automated and saves raw materials. We achieve a better thickness tolerance by avoiding hydraulic. Patent pending: no one is else is doing this.”...