K 2013: High-tech extrusion plant for highly filled compounds

Two suppliers of extrusion and material handling technology have come together to develop an extrusion line for the production of highly filled compounds with up to 85% CaCo3 content. Partners Leistritz Extrusionstechnik and AZO have developed a system that, with slight adjustments, can run other applications such as talc, titanium dioxide and barium sulfate filler. In the field of flame retardants, meanwhile, materials such as aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide can be processed.

The Leistritz ZSE MAXX extruder employed in the system has a specific volume/torque ratio (OD/ID = 1.66 and 15.0 Nm/cm³) for maximum throughput, but also facilitating highly energy efficient production. Leistritz and AZO were supported by GALA Kunststoff- und Kautschukmaschinen, Maag Pump Systems, Reverte Mineralprodukte, Ultrapolymers Deutschland and BYK-Chemie in their development.

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