K 2013: Dynisco's innovative Vertex pressure sensor delivers on its promise

Düsseldorf - In a marked departure from traditional sensor technology, Dynisco's Vertex pressure sensor for plastics extrusion applications, which is making its trade show debut here at K, has done away with the need for sensing with the help of mechanical structures or fill media. Instead, the Vertex offers direct sensing at the tip.

Michael Swanton, sales manager EMEA at Dynisco Europe GmbH, explained: "A common fill medium for pressure sensors was mercury. Because of environmental issues - the use of mercury has already been banned in Sweden, for example - we were exploring alternative technologies. Moreover, what we were hearing from our customers was that they wanted direct sensing instead of capillary tubing that transmitted the media pressure to the strain gage sensor, which led to the development of the Vertex."

Obviously, direct sensing means faster response and better control, says Swanton. This demand faster sensing measurements, and so the Vertex sensor is many times faster than traditional sensors. Accuracy, as defined under the ISA-S37.1 standard, is pegged at ±0.25% full scale over standard pressure ranges of 1500, 3000, 5000, 7500 or 10,000psi.

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