K 2013: Dow effectively combines PE and PP; talks packaging market

During its K 2013 press conference, Dow Chemical's elastomers group unveiled a compatibilization technology that combines both non-polar and polar polymers with polypropylene (PP).

Specifically, Dow's Intune PP-based olefin block copolymers combines polyethylene (PE), polyolefin elastomers (POE) and polar materials such as ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and polyamide (PA) with PP.

"It's a breakthrough technology that provides the best benefit from each material," said Kim Ann Mink, president of elastomers, electrical and telecommunications at Dow Chemical. "It offers an enhanced performance at lower cost."

Intune is targeting a variety of end-markets, including packaging, consumer durables, transportation, construction, hygiene, and wire and cable, among others....

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