K 2013: Dow Elastomers plans major boost in post-metallocene EPDM capacity

Dow Elastomers will soon break ground on a world-scale Nordel EPDM (ethylene propylene-diene terpolymer) facility in Plaquemine, LA, USA, which will utilize the company's latest proprietary catalyst technology to enable production of grades with high Mooney viscosities.
Speaking to PlasticsToday at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf Germany, David Mitchell Global Marketing Director, Performance Plastics, at The Dow Chemical Company (8a/K48) said the company's latest Nordel products boast a lower gel level than competing EPDM products, realizing a Class A-plus finish in applications such as automotive weather strips. "Automotive weatherstrip is predominantly based on cross linked EPDM compounds, however there is a market trend toward TPVs (polypropylene/EPDM blends), due to their inherent recyclability," noted Mitchell. "In today's market, 80% is typically EPDM cross-linked compounds while 20% is TPVs but over time, we expect that the ratio will move higher toward TPVs, due to their recyclability," he added...

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