K 2013: Decoration and functionality for 3D geometries in single injection molding process

Coating specialist Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG (Hall 5, booth A19) is presenting a process it has developed for decorating 3D geometries under technically demanding conditions at this year’s K. Hailed as a “new dimension in plastics decoration”, live demonstrations at the booth will showcase the possibilities offered by the process, with as special highlight the combined application of Inmold Decoration (IMD) and Inmold Labeling (IML) on the same injection molding machine. On the machine, a curved automotive center console panel will be produced. Incorporating decoration and functionality at the same time into a single injection molding operation serves both to save costs and increase production efficiency, while allowing the functionality to be directly integrated into the part.

Kurz is also demonstrating its patented 3DHS finishing process, which, in contrast to conventional hot stamping, is capable of decorating three-dimensional components. The 3DHS process offers a cost-effective decoration option for slight to moderate 3D geometries. A vertical stamping machine developed by the Kurz subsidiary Baier GmbH & Co. KG will be on display demonstrating the application of a true chrome finish to an automotive air vent cover....

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