K 2013: Conair demonstrates remote control of dryers, blenders, conveying systems

Anyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone and Internet access can now connect remotely with the Web-enabled controls available on Conair dryers, blenders and material-handling systems and monitor conditions or change settings.

"In today's efficient plastics plant, machines run unattended and it seems like managers and supervisors are expected to be everywhere at once," explains Dori Raybuck, Director of Global Marketing. "With Conair's web-connected equipment, however, they don't have to be. From their desk, from home or anywhere there's an Internet-connected device, they can interact with the equipment just as if they were standing in front of the machine control panel on the plant floor. If there is an alarm, the control can even alert you via an email or text, so the situation can be dealt with immediately and remotely, if necessary."

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