K 2013: Addex broke leads record by 25%

Dusseldorf - At K 2013, it was clear that Rick von Kraus, president of Addex Inc., enjoyed staying busy.

"As expected we broke our number of leads record by 25%," he told PlasticsToday. "It wasn't only the number of inquiries that was high, but also their quality. Although it is too early to tell how many of them will turn into orders, the feeling about that prospect is very good. We had shows, both in Düsseldorf and in Chicago in the 90s, that came close to this positive feeling, but certainly nothing like it since."

At K 2013, the supplier of blown film equipment and components launched several new capabilities for its automatic external gauge control (EGC) systems for blown film extrusion lines.

During the last two years, Addex has embarked on a complete overhaul of its automatic gauge control hardware and software, taking advantage of the latest electronic miniaturization and distributed controls.

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