K 2010: Once again, some 3,100 exhibitors be participating in the global marketplace for the plastics and rubber industry.

At K 2010 in Düsseldorf, from 27 October to 3 November, some 3,100 exhibitors will once again be presenting their latest developments for all sectors of the industry. Companies from 57 countries have already registered to attend.

The total leased exhibition space comes to 164,100 square meters, about 60 of this being occupied by companies based outside Germany. The number of German exhibitors registered currently totals 1,058, with a net area of 65,740 square meters.

Italy is traditionally the most strongly represented nation among the non-German exhibitors, and more than 400 Italian companies alone have booked a net space of 27,400 square metres to showcase their products. Also strongly represented among the European countries are Austria (8,100 square metres), Switzerland (6,100 square metres), France (5,000 square metres) and the Netherlands (4,200 square metres). 113 companies from the USA will be taking part, occupying some 4,500 square metres of exhibition space – an increase in relation to K 2007. Furthermore, the contingents from China (6,700 square metres), India (4,500 square meters) and Turkey (2,800 square metres) have grown appreciably. With 5,300 square metres, Taiwan is as strongly represented as in 2007. Appearing for the first time are exhibitors from Armenia, Chile, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam.

To enable K 2010 trade visitors to conduct searches and find solutions in advance during the run-up to the fair, the companies are making intensive use of the communication platform offered on the trade fair’s Web portal at www.k-online.de. Under the heading “Companies & Products”, website visitors can search for exhibitors, products/services or company news. With the “extended search” option, it is also possible to locate companies according to country of origin or postal code. In addition, users can obtain lists of exhibitors who offer a particular product or service. The Online Showrooms of the individual companies contain exhibitor data sheets, product information, links to home pages, stand activities during the trade fair, as well as company profiles and figures. And if any questions still remain unanswered, the “Matchmaking” search utility allows users to post specific requests or find products capable of meeting very special demands.

Using the quick and easy login to the trade fair portal – the login section is on the right-hand side of the home page – users can compile their own personalized Product Information catalogue or plan their tour of the fair using the MyOrganizer tool. To make personalized trade fair planning even easier, any number of compilations can be made by repeating searches with different criteria. For those who want to become thoroughly familiar with the exhibition hall layouts before travelling to Düsseldorf, there is an interactive flash floorplan.

Mobile research is also possible: the exhibitors and products databases can be accessed via PDAs and other mobile devices. The URL for the mobile version is: