KOREA (SOUTH): SK Chemicals succeeds in commercializing engineering plastic

According to industry sources, the SK Group company is selling "Puratan" PCT polyester, a high-performance engineering plastic with high deflection temperature, toughness, and fast crystallization, as a deflector material for LED panels for TV. This is a second instance of successful commercialization after Eastman Chemical Co. of the United States.

Up until now, most Korean electronic makers have relied on Kuraray Co. of Japan for their LED deflectors. As SK Chemicals' Puratan is cheaper with higher performance, it is expected the new material would soon substitute the Japanese import.

The world's LED deflector market is about 400 billion won, with more than a 30-percent growth a year. Including other applications such as electric car connectors, non-woven fabric, and heat-resistant films, the market is close to 2 trillion won a year. An SK Chemicals official said, "By next year we want to take a 30-percent share in the world's market for LED deflectors."

Source: "The Korea Economic Daily", Seoul; 29 July 2013
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)