K2013: Collaboration between Trexel and 3M yields 20% density reduction proven with molded auto parts

For the past nine months, 3M and Trexel have been collaborating on a development that the companies described today at the international K Show as "revolutionary" and "game-changing."

3M, a manufacturer of high-strength glass bubbles, and Trexel, the exclusive provider of MuCell Microcellular Foam injection molding technology, announced that by combining their two technologies, they were able to realize 20% density reduction of finished plastic parts with mechanical properties comparable to standard solid molded parts.

Moreover, manufacturers can also reap improvements in dimensional stability, process throughput and sustainability. The achievement signifies one of the world's largest advancement in the lightweighting of plastics. The breakthrough is especially significant for the transportation industry and namely, automakers, as reducing overall vehicle weight is a key initiative as they face increasingly stringent fuel economy standards, and carbon emission reduction targets....

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