Jute fiber reinforces PP


Lion Idemitsu Composites chose the venue of Chinaplas in Guangzhou to introduce a long fiber-reinforced PP composite injection molding grade that employs jute as the reinforcing fiber.

The grade does not compromise on physical properties, with 20% jute fiber loading grade comparable in flexural strength and Izod impact strength to a 20% talc-filled grade. Density is 0.99 compared with 1.04 for the talc-filled grade.

"The grade is colored so there are limitations to use in cosmetic parts and it is priced higher than talc-filled grades," concedes Takanori Yamamoto, manager of the overseas section at Lion Idemitsu (Tokyo). "Nevertheless, its environmental attributes will hopefully promote adoption in automotive and electrical appliance applications.

Lion Idemitsu also introduced high stiffness and heat-resistant PP grades boasting flame retardance of the highest class: UL 94 5VA. Grades 5VAP 140-2 (high stiffness) and 5VAP 140-6 (high heat resistance) target applications such as motor housings.

The supplier also offers non-halogenated flame retardant PP grades rated V-0 at 1.2 mm for use in areas such as hot water pots, vacuum cleaners and garbage disposal units. "Uptake of these grades has been more positive at European end users. Japanese appliance manufacturers still use halogenated flame retardants extensively," notes Yamamoto.-mpweditorial@ubm.com...