Eltex-Elektrostatik GmbH

Jubilée- 60 Jahre Eltex


For 60 years, Electrostatic Innovations by Eltex have revolved around one high-voltage subject: Eltex uses static electricity wherever and whenever it's beneficial, and eliminates it where it disrupts or even harms. As straightforward and simple this core competence sounds – it involves highly complex technologies.

With 60 years of success and experience in this field, and thanks to its own highly competent team of developers, Eltex has become established and renowned as a consistent problem solver for the industry. In demand throughout the world, Eltex delivers broad-based expertise for the best possible solutions for highly specific require­ments in many industries. Above all in the plastics industry with the focus on converting and laminating, and in the production worlds of printing, packaging, converting and finishing.