GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH

Journey to the stars thanks to luminescent effects

Blankenhain/Weimar – The GRAFE Group is presenting luminescent
masterbatches in a wide range of colors and plastics applications. Everything is
possible from injection molding through extrusion to staple fibers. This year, once
again, the company has an outstanding array of excellent new ideas. One of these
is a color effect that renders the appeal of the night time starry sky. An impressive
experience that is worthwhile discovering.
The heightened relevance of masterbatches for luminescent plastics remains unbroken. This is
confirmed by the strong market demand. While in the past it was possible to offer only one color,
today there is a wide range of color options in luminescent plastics. The GRAFE Group is also able to
produce this product in all popular thermoplasts as well as to vary the duration and intensity of the
luminescence individually in accordance with the wishes of its customers.
The result can be found across a large spectrum of applications ranging from the fashion and
advertising industries through the toy industry to the production of safety equipment. Especially in
emergency situations in connection with power failures, a quick orientation and a targeted location of
emergency exits can save lives. For example, a carpet with woven-in luminescent fibers which are
normally not visible by daylight but appear only in the dark, is an example of such a useful,
luminescent safety aid.
The luminescent masterbatches have been well-known for years but are gaining new importance
through their application in technical materials. Up until now, customary products have been
available only in a green-yellow luminescent color. With the innovative masterbatches of the
Thuringian company, products can now light up in a variety of colors.