Journal of Materials Science announces Sapphire Prize for best paper of 2011

Eli A. Sutter and Peter W. Sutter win prize for their outstanding paper on giant carbon solubility

Springer and the editors of the Journal of Materials Science announce the winners of the Sapphire Prize, awarded to the best papers published in the journal during its 2011 Sapphire (45th) Anniversary Year. The winners of the first prize are Eli A. Sutter and Peter W. Sutter for their paper Giant carbon solubility in Au nanoparticles.

The prize includes an honorarium of US $10,000 and an honoring reception at the 2011 Fall Materials Research Society meeting which took place on 29 November 2011 in Boston, USA. Additionally, Springer will sponsor Open Access to the winning paper, the three second-prize winners, and all twelve finalist papers. The three second-prize winners will receive $1,000 U.S. each.

The winners are:
1st Prize: Eli A. Sutter and Peter W. Sutter, Giant carbon solubility in Au nanoparticles
2nd Prize: Giovanni Bruno, Alexander M. Efremov, Andreyi N. Levandovskyi and Bjorn Clausen, Connecting the macro- and microstrain responses in technical porous ceramics: modeling and experimental validations
2nd Prize: Alan J. Ardell, A1-L12 interfacial free energies from data on coarsening in five binary Ni alloys, informed by thermodynamic phase diagram assessments
2nd Prize: Gregory S. Rohrer, Grain boundary energy anisotropy: A review

"We received 5,000 manuscripts in 2011 and published 971. These twelve finalists were selected from papers covering all materials science. We are honored to have their work in the journal," said C. Barry Carter, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Materials Science.

Alex Greene, Editorial Director of Applied Sciences at Springer, added, "Springer has been impressed by the downloads of these papers since the selections were announced, and we're pleased to recognize all twelve finalists and especially congratulate the winner of the Sapphire Prize."