Johnson Controls and Harrison Spinks to jointly develop new seat concept

According to the company, the thin profile seats replace conventional urethane foam pads with a 100 % recyclable alternative and provide a 5 - 20 % weight reduction. This technology will be available for 2015 model year vehicles. Applicable for first, second and third row seats, the ComfortThin seat provides a thinner, tailored seat back with up to a 20 % reduction at the center of the seat and a 35 % or more reduction in the bolsters. The active seating surface adapts to passengers occupants of all sizes. Each spring unit is able to react independently, further improving seating life while giving occupants the right amount of support when and where it is needed, says Johnson Controls.[image_0]

"As part of our innovation process, Johnson Controls looks to apply technology from other industries into automotive applications,” said Andreas Eppinger, Group Vice President, technology management for Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. "Leveraging the Harrison Spinks pocketed coil spring mat technology allows us to offer a seating concept with an unrivalled level of support that contours to the vehicle occupant's body for short- and long-term comfort.”

"We are delighted to have signed this agreement with the industry leader Johnson Controls so that we can bring this sustainable alternative to traditional foam technology to the automotive industry,” said Simon Spinks, Managing Director of Harrison Spinks.