Jersey processor ups ante on its MIM capacity


Polymer Technologies Inc. (PTI), a custom plastic and metal injection molding company based in Clifton, NJ, has completed a significant equipment upgrade to expand its metal injection molding capabilities by installing two new gas tanks-one each for hydrogen and nitrogen- on the company's property.

From its 150,000-ft2 facility, PTI, founded in 1987 and owned by the Goldenberg family, serves a customer base across the aerospace, healthcare, commercial and military industries via injection molding of thermoplastics as well as metal injection molding (MIM). The new tanks provide the gases used during the sintering of injection molded metals during MIM. Product quality is enhanced by tank farms providing a cleaner gas supply versus bottled gas. In addition, an on-site tank farm allows the team at PTI to support uninterrupted sintering runs while avoiding frequent gas deliveries and bottle switchovers....
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