Japanese-Indian JV takes on polyamide for air coolers


A leading Tier I parts supplier in India has chosen Zytel Plus Nylon from DuPont (Wilmington, DE) for use in three hot- and cold-side charge air coolers used on four vehicles of a major Indian auto OEM spanning passenger car, utility vehicle, and light commercial vehicle segments.

Tata Toyo (Pune), a joint venture of Tata AutoComp Systems (Pune) and T.RAD Co. (Tokyo) selected the resin to replace specialty nylon resins for added protection against the harsh elements associated with turbo-diesel systems and now has an eye on replacing metals in other applications.

Charge air coolers quickly cool hot air generated by the turbocharger before it is forced through the induction system. Cooler air improves combustion efficiency. Zytel Plus nylon was selected as a replacement because it retains rigidity at high temperatures, offers a better surface appearance and processes with ease. "Weight, performance and cost are critical in our components and systems," says Rajiv Kulkarni, head of Engineering at Tata Toyo, a leading heat-exchange technology supplier....
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