Japan Steel Works picks Stork as service partner for Western Europe


Few things are as important to generating customer loyalty as a professional and reliable after sales service and support network. International suppliers of products of all kinds recognize this and tend to solve the problem by partnering with trusted local partners. A recent example is the cooperation agreement signed by plastics machinery manufacturers Japan Steel Works and Stork, which is, in fact, more or less a formalization of a practice that has existed for some 10 years. Designed to enable JSW to overcome the disadvantages of geographical remoteness, time zones and language in providing service to producers using JSW extrusion equipment in Europe, it will also, hope the companies, serve to promote the acquisition of new projects.

Initially, the contractual operating region is Western Europe. During the first phase, the agreement, which was signed between Seiji Umamoto, general manager of plastics machinery sales department at JSW, Tokyo/Japan and Jan Vandenbroucke, VP of Stork, Belgium, encompasses all servicing, overhauling, modernization and enhancement of existing JSW extrusion equipment. It will eventually extend to cover the installation, commissioning and maintenance of JSW's new TEX generation of extruders.
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