JEC innovation award for new technology of G650 rudder and elevator

Fokker designed and developed the G650 tail section and industrialised a new induction welding method for the rudder and the elevator. With the welding technology developed by KVE, components are joined into an inseparable unit by induction welding, eliminating costly drilling and riveting work.

The thermoplastic material is Fortron PPS, a high performance engineering polymer, developed by Ticona. TenCate produces the carbon/PPS semipreg and plate material used. Composites made from PPS composites remain hard, impact-resistant, stiff and dimensionally stable, even when exposed to elevated temperatures and aggressive fluids.

The increased use of thermoplastic composites in the aerospace industry is a trend, driven by weight reduction considerations, sustainable development considerations, and the concern with materials recycling. With its inherent flame retardancy, the material also meets the high safety standards specified by the aircraft industry. Until recently a combination of thermoset and traditional aluminium was used for primary structures.