beck packautomaten GmbH & Co. KG

It’s K time – International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubbers 2010 In Düsseldorf,

beck packautomaten will demonstrate its expertise in the film packaging of plastic and rubber products.
This year's „K 2010“, the world's most significant trade fair of its kind, is an important component in the international trade fair programme of beck packautomaten GmbH & Co. KG. The company holds decades of experience when it comes to packaging plastic and rubber products and will present two customised applications with packaging processes adapted to this specific line of business.
One of those two packaging lines targets to manufacturers of office supplies made of plastic. It will be shown how resume folders are wrapped skintight into film on the new generation beck-Serienpacker SXJ. Clear and skintight packagings with extremely thin welding seams allow office supplies, such as plastic folders, poly pockets or folders, to be attractively merchandised at the point of sale. On the other packaging line the horizontal counting, decollating and packaging of square shaped margarine tubs will be demonstrated on a beck-Multiplex. On the cup counting and packaging machine plastic cups and dishes of all kinds can be packaged skintight into random multi-units in correct quantities at a high rate. A new sealing and control system provides smooth packaging processes and leads to ideal packaging results.

Whether it comes to packaging switches, poly pockets, plastic covers, small plastic bottles, profiles or meal trays, beck packautomaten have repeatedly scored this year by providing individual and custom built packaging solutions for the plastics industry. For example, several machines beck-Multiplex were supplied for the packaging of plastic covers to Eastern Europe, France and Germany. Despite fierce competition, the client was finally convinced by the automated packaging solution, the quality the beck packaging machine offered and the perfect packaging result it achieved. Another challenging requirement was the tight packaging of 40 small plastic bottles on tiny bases grouped in units that were arranged like honeycombs. In this case, too, beck packautomaten were able to convince due to their expertise in project planning and implementation. A beck-Variant commissio allows the skintight packaging of almost 3000 single bottles, safely lined-up into film.

Many more reference projects will be presented at the „K“ fair to reflect the experience and the high standards of quality in the film packaging machines from beck packautomaten for the plastics and rubber industry.