It‘s K time and INCLUDIS will be there.

INCLUDIS GmbH is offering software solutions which are especially designed to help mid-sized plastics processing companies to manufac- ture and sell their products more efficiently and cost-effectively, using less energy and materials while improving quality.

Our target group includes all national and international manufacturers of technical parts who want to achieve more transparency and efficiency in their production processes.

INCLUDIS is a standard software solution which allows you to document and analyze production data. It monitors your machines around the clock (24/7) and notifies you immediately in case of process deviations. In addition to providing a high degree of automation, the software also improves process reliability. Data is collected directly from the machines – continuously, unaltered and in real time. You receive continuous monitoring of the production equipment with automatic process documentation.

Large-screen monitors can be installed in the production halls, displaying the hall plan from a large distance. Different colours indicated the machine status, e.g. red for stopped and green for cycle time. Up-to-the minute reports with OEE, rejects, a production report and downtimes can be received via e-mail or SMS, or downloaded to a smartphone as a mobile web application. You can use your smartphone to directly call up your key performance indicators, wherever you happen to be at the moment.

The INCLUDIS multiple plant function networks all of your domestic and foreign production facilities with INCLUDIS. Information on orders and planning, machine status, etc. can be retrieved immediately via a web browser and a secure Internet connection, regardless of whether the machines are in Germany, America or China.

Additional modules, such as detailed order planning, web-based MDC or statistical process controls (SPC), ensure gapless traceability of your processes, both domestic and foreign; they also help to achieve on-time delivery and improved product quality, as well as a significant reduction in production costs.
The system provides advanced and reliable data interfaces to the ERP master system. You can continuously compare requirements and capacities in order to optimize your production processes and delivery times. The solution is also ideal for extrusion, blow moulding, deep drawing and other production processes.
INCLUDIS located in Berlin develops and sells manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the plastics industry.

You can find INCLUDIS at the K 2010 in hall 12, booth A 22.