Isocyanate-free adhesive facilitates JIT conversion of flexible packaging


Adhesives supplier Henkel has commercially introduced Liofol Fast One LA 1640-21, a one-component laminating adhesive said to be extremely fast curing and with high initial bond strength, and also the first laminating adhesive that contains no free isocyanates.

If a standard adhesive is not fully cured when a package is filled, the remaining isocyanate monomers can migrate into the food and react with water to form primary aromatic amines. With this new Henkel adhesive, the formation of primary aromatic amines is avoided right from the start.

In addition, Liofol Fast One stays within the specific migration limit (SML). The laminating adhesive is toxicologically safe in terms of Risk Phrase R40. No R40 labeling is necessary. "Our goal was to develop an adhesive that would enable just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing of flexible packages," says Georg Kinzelmann, corporate technical director, dead of the R&D platform for polyurethanes at Henkel. "With this unique one-component PUR laminating adhesive Liofol Fast One, curing is substantially reduced to just a few days, compared to a curing time of up to two weeks with a conventional adhesive"....
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