Is the auto industry truly ready for self-driving cars?


At the end of December in a comprehensive blog on their website, J.D. Power provided a listing of all the vehicle recalls that have been issued. It's a mind-boggling list affecting many makes, models and model years - including 2015 vehicles which have only been on the road less than six months!

Here's a small sample: Aston Martin, various models from 2006-2014. "The electronic control module for the driver and front passenger seat heaters may fail, preventing the seat heaters from being able to be turned off. The company warns that the seats could get hot enough that areas of the seat may overheat and smolder, increasing risk of injury to the seat occupant." Gee, that sounds fun only if you're living in Fairbanks, Alaska at this time of year. In fact, if this were a Three Stooges skit, it would really be funny!

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