Is algae plastic the next big thing in packaging?

Last year, Dordan Manufacturing showcased the "first-ever" thermoformed sample of Algix's algae plastic at Pack Expo 2012. A year has gone by and, as another Pack Expo rolls around, Dordan and Aglix have announced advancements on this project.

Chandler Slavin, sustainability coordinator and marketing manager at Dordan, told PlasticsToday that the algae essentially acts as a polymer extender that binds to the base resin, whether PLA or PP, and reduces the amount of resin needed for the same application.

"This technology has the potential to fundamentally change the aquaculture waste management industry while providing the plastics industry and its supply chain partners with a new bio-based material that performs akin to the base resin to which it is bound," she said.

Dordan's relationship with Algix goes back to 2011 when the companies collaborated on thermoforming the first sample of algae plastic, subsequently displayed at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago; the sample consisted of 20% algae, 80% PP....

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