Is Chrysler still an American car company?


Super Bowl ads are always a winner regardless of whether or not your favorite team won or lost. In fact, most of the time, as in Sunday night's game, the ads are more entertaining than the game.

One ad that I found particularly interesting was Chrysler's. You wouldn't think that Chrysler - an iconic car company that for decades has been a part of the Detroit Big Three - would have to promote made In America for its brand. Yet, that's exactly what it promoted. With quick takes of the American scene over the decades such as Route 66, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, basketball, Rosie the Riveter and others, we were reminded of all the things that has made America a great - and even fun - place to live.

But is Chrysler still an American car company? That's the question that editorials in various publications asked after the buyout of the company by Fiat, and the name change to Fiat Chrysler. Fiat is an Italian company, but does that fact make Chrysler any less of an American company? Some believe it does. Others, myself among them, believe it doesn't.
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