Is 2011 the year that thermoformers invest in energy efficient heating?


Infrared heating technology supplier Ceramicx says last fall's K exhibition confirmed that a large portion of the thermoforming industry is ready "to look at their heating methods and energy usage." Ceramicx founder and managing director, Frank Wilson, said that he is amazed at the number of thermoformers that "see no need to measure the energy consumption on their machines."

Ceramicx is calling on thermoformers to switch to infrared-based heating systems and platens for the sake of greater efficiency and economic pragmatism. "Short term, replacing a whole machine may not be possible or even desirable," Wilson said, "but for a very low outlay an upgrade to a fixed and expensive capital asset can be supplied." Wilson claims that Ceramicx technology can pay for itself in months thanks to greater energy efficiency and boost production output margins by 40%.
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