Invista Builds new Lycra Fibre Plant in Brazil


Invista plans to invest more than US $100 in a new Lycra Fibre production facility in Paulínia in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The new production plant is expected to open in late 2012 with construction work beginning immediately.

The new plant, which will be installed at the company's excisting site at Paulínia, is expected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs during the construction phase and a significant number of new jobs after the start of operations. Invista hopes to strengthen its existing presence in Brazil and the Americanas, where the company operates Supplex fabric producing facilities and a Lycra production site at Paulínia in the area. “Brazil’s textile market is very integrated, with textile mills, garment and fashion brands with high penetration in the country and the world. Through our local and global innovations in textile fibers, we are able to offer even more solutions to customers,” David Trerotola, president of Invista Apparel said. ...
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