Investing in competitiveness now


Business for many moldmakers is picking up and some are finding that the time to add new equipment is now, in preparation for more new business they see coming.

Industrial Molds Group, headquarted in Rockford, IL, has made it a practice to continually invest in the latest machine tool technology. The company has just completed installation of an Erowa Robot System (ERS-03000) heavy-duty robot to add to the S-56 Makino machining center. The total investment was around $500,000 not counting the machining center, which Industrial Molds had purchased a year ago. “We bought the S-56 Makino machine knowing that we would put a robot on it,” said Tim Peterson, VP of Industrial Molds. “We put the new cell in a different location from the first two cells to accommodate the size of the robot, so we had to improve the floor and get the infrastructure in to support the cell.”...
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