Invent for the masses, eat with the classes; David MacNeil reflects on more than 20 years of manufacturing


Being successful in manufacturing requires a lot of marketing savvy, business acumen, and a great idea. Many years ago, I interviewed the winner of an SPI Western Region award, who told me that the secret to the success of any product is that it must be something everyone wants. "Invent for the masses, eat with the classes," that gentleman told me back then. But, he added, if you "invent for the classes," then you'll only be able to "eat with the masses."

David MacNeil made the former his mantra, inventing for the masses, as he explained in his opening keynote address to the attendees of the 20th annual Thermoforming Conference in Schaumburg, IL (Sept. 17-20). In 1989, when he founded MacNeil Automotive Products and the company's WeatherTech brand in the garage of his Clarendon Hills, MI, home, he already had a considerable amount of automotive business experience under his belt.
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