Intrinsic viscosity monitored in real time


In PET sheet extrusion, the maintenance and preservation of the material's intrinsic viscosity (IV) is a key requirement of the process. If IV drops below a certain level, the end product mechanical properties can be compromised to unacceptable levels.

An IV monitoring system has been developed to compliment the HVTSE (High Vacuum Twin Screw Extrusion) system being offered for "dryer-less" production of PET sheet. The HVTSE system developed by Luigi Bandera is offered exclusively in North America by Processing Technologies International (Aurora IL) as part of a strategic business alliance between the companies. To date, Bandera has installed more than 80 of these "dryer-less" systems world-wide.

The unique technology represented in PTi's real-time IV Monitoring System is based on precise measurement of melt temperature and capillary piping pressures such that the viscosity and subsequent IV can be accurately calculated. These results are benchmarked against the ASTM D4603 Solution Test Method for measuring IV and possess an accuracy of +/- 0.02 dl/g. The extracted test data is continuously fed into PTi's flagship TITAN control system, where it can be displayed, stored and readily accessed....
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