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Integration of Lusin® Lub 32 F into Steidle’s innovative preforms coating technology

Steidle PIC and Chem-Trend Lusin Lub O 32 F

Successful tests show significant reduction of scrap rates and increase of production output


Maisach, 21. October 2013 – Following careful tests, Steidle GmbH has approved Chem-Trend’s new Lusin® Lub 032 F for use with their spraying systems. The innovative spray systems of Steidle GmbH are integrated into the PET bottling systems of major beverage manufacturers, where the proprietary PIC technology (process integrated coating) prevents blockades of the air conveyor systems. The excellent properties of Lusin® Lub 032 F further enhance this effect.

The PIC technology developed by Steidle GmbH is an innovative technique for the coating of PET-preforms. By means of a special spray system mounted at the entrance of the blow moulding machine, the preforms are coated with a thin sliding film of Lusin® Lub O 32 F. As a consequence, the finished PET bottles can rotate freely on the air conveyor. This provides for optimised transport and handling, and prevents blockades of the transport lines. In particular, the sliding film inhibits „fan-like formations“caused by the surface finish of PET bottles which frequently lead to blockades. In contrast to the use of precoated preforms, operators of filling devices can apply the coating themselves and adjust the spraying quantity according to requirement.

„We are very pleased about our cooperation with Steidle“, explains Marc Lopez, account manager at Chem-Trend. „With the PIC technology, Steidle has developed a cost-saving and efficient solution for the coating of preforms. Lusin® Lub O 32 F is a hybrid product, acting both as a lubricant as well as a release agent. Thanks to its excellent lubricating performance, production and processing of PET bottles is optimized. Its outstanding release properties help to prevent the preforms from sticking in the moulds and help to minimise scap rates.

Lusin® Lub O 32 F is NSF H1 registered and complies with the EU directive No. 10/2011. Therefore, the product can be used in the manufacture of products which are subject to food hygiene requirements. Lusin®Lub O 32 F also meets the requirements of 21 CFR §175.300 and 21 CFR §178.3570. Lusin®Lub O 32 F contains no silicone, solvents, or halogens and is therefore particularly environmentally sound.



About Steidle
Steidle GmbH has pioneered and paved the way for spraying technologies for minimum quantities. Founded in 1979, Steidle GmbH began producing lubricooling systems in the early 80 ' s. Spurred on by this success, Steidle GmbH then turned focused on the application of minimal quantities of liquids.

As a result of our research, development and production, we were able to greatly extend our product range.

Since over 10 years Steidle units are used for the precoating of PET preforms.

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