Instron: Tensile Testing Machines for Medical Devices and Biomaterials

Instron's newly-developed Series 5940 single column tabletop testing systems combine high frame stiffness for maximum accuracy and reliability with improved ergonomics, enhanced convenience and optimized flexibility for changing requirements. With load capacities of 0.5 kN, 1.0 kN or 2.0 kN, a vertical test space of up to 1,123 mm and speed ranges from 0.05 mm/min to 2,500 mm/min, the models 5942, 5943 und 5944 are engineered for the sensitive testing of medical components and biomaterials such as bones or human and bio-engineered tissues. Their small footprint saves valuable laboratory space. The rigid mechanical design guarantees the best possible conditions for repeatable test conditions and reliable results. All three systems are compatible with Instron's new Bluehill® 3 testing software, which facilitates routine, standardized operations carried out in the testing lab, as well as the time-saving configuration and execution of customer and application-specific testing procedures.#

Part of the broad selection of accessories for Instron's single and two-column testing systems is a device which is specifically dedicated to the testing of syringes or combinations of syringes and needles and can, for example, be used to collect data during the dispensing of medications and fluids. When the crosshead moves down, the syringe's content is forced out, whilst both the initial force at the beginning of the injection procedure, and the force vs. time data during injection, are recorded. A wide variety of plastic inserts provide a high grade of flexibility for many different syringe designs and diameters up to 20 mm, allowing for an optimized adaptation to meet individual requirements. A downward positioning of the device is possible to conduct needle cap pull-off tests.

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