Instron: New Universal Pendulum Impact Tester for Instrumented and Non-instrumented Testing

CEAST 9050 is Instron's newly developed Universal Pendulum Impact Tester for non-instrumented and semiautomatic instrumented testing at impact energies ranging from 0.5 J to 50 J. The system´s solid monolithic cast-iron frame supports all attachments required for testing. The frame design dampens vibrations, a feature which enhances measuring accuracy, as does the new, one-piece design of the hammers (patent pending), which can be installed quickly and safely without the use of a tool. The self-identifying hammers are automatically recognised by the system, and the associated data (code, test standard, impact energy and velocity) is loaded from the integral data base. This eliminates the tedious task of repeatedly entering the same data and the associated sources of error. The instrument comes equipped with a selection of easily interchangeable specimen adapters and is suitable for performing Charpy and Izod testing to all common testing standards, for Dynstat and Tensile Impact Tests and testing according to the relevant pipe testing standards.

Measurement of the hammer angle takes place with the help of a non-contacting and hence friction-free electromagnetic encoder providing a resolution of 0.05°. A large, 6.5" touch screen display facilitates adjustment of test parameters and provides for clear on-screen presentation of measurement data (based on Windows CE™). The integral PC connection enables management of the test system, as well as acquisition, storage and evaluation of measurement data, with the help of the Visual IMPACT software. In addition, the system includes a LAN port for data transfer to a corporate network. A USB port enables data storage on external media as well as direct output of measurement results to a suitable printer.

Instead of the manual operating units fitted as standard, the CEAST 9050 Pendulum Impact Tester can be equipped with a pneumatically operated hammer release and braking system and a motorised hammer repositioning system. For instrumented measurement of the force-versus-time history during the impact event, strain-gauged hammers and powerful data acquisition systems are available. An optional cryobox enables testing at low temperatures down to -60 °C. To ensure operator safety, the manual version is fitted with an all-round enclosure, whilst the motorised model has a fully enclosed safety enclosure.