Instron: New Drop Weight Impact Tester Covers Broad Spectrum of Applications

Instron's new CEAST 9340 Drop Weight Tester is a floor-standing, compact impact test instrument designed to deliver impact energies from 0.30 J to 405 J (with falling weights ranging from 1.0 kg to 37.5 kg). With a full range of accessories, the system is suitable for variety of applications, including tensile impact and penetration testing of plates and films, testing of pipes and small components, and testing to Izod and Charpy. The standard model includes a conveniently mounted machine controller for operation of the test system. In addition, the system can be equipped with the CEAST Visual IMPACT Software.

Amongst the special features of the CEAST 9340 Drop Weight Tester are a 490 mm wide x 450 mm deep x 565 mm high, fully enclosed and interlocked test area protecting the operator from specimen fragments, a motorized crosshead positioning system, changeable tups and inserts, a full set of weights graduated in increments of 0.5 kg and the capability of adding a temperature chamber. For instrumented impact testing, the system can be extended with the CEAST Data Acquisition Systems DAS Junior, DAS 16000 or DAS 64K.

The CEAST 9340 Drop Weight Tester is a member of the CEAST 9300 family of impact testers designed for impact energies from 0.25 J to 20.4 J in the case of the Model 9310 and from 0.59 J to 1,800 J in the case of the Model 9350.