Injection molds: Conformal cooling lines improve with aerospace bonding tech


Refrac Systems (Chandler, AZ), which was established in 1984 as a specialist in vacuum metallurgy and diffusion bonding, has formed a subsidiary, Die-Bond LLC, to provide Liquid Interface Diffusion (LID) bonding services on customer-supplied mold inserts and mold plates for custom plastic injection molds requiring conformal cooling channels.

Several years ago, Refrac began working with some mold manufacturers to develop a more efficient process to bond mold inserts together. With the formation of Die-Bond, mold manufacturers who incorporate conformal cooling channels into molds have access to Die-Bond's proprietary technology, which it says minimizes the potential for leakage and post-braze warpage, which Die-Bond calls the number once concerns when conformal cooling molds are assembled using conventional vacuum brazing.
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