Injection molding shares top billing with Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Joy’


When the movie Joy came to the big screen on Christmas Day, it featured star actor Jennifer Lawrence. But the set where the filming took place was a recreated injection molding plant. In April of last year, director David O. Russell and the 20th Century Fox production crew needed to reproduce an injection molding facility for the film, which told the story of Joy Mangano, the American inventor and entrepreneur known for the Miracle Mop and other ingenious household items sold via home shopping networks.

To create the movie set, Steve Murdoch, Sales Manager at Absolute Machinery Corp. (Worcester, MA), and the Absolute team provided the production staff with everything it needed, including transportation and rigging on the set, to reproduce a working injection molding manufacturing facility, complete with operating machines, auxiliaries, typical office equipment, shelving, cabinets—everything that one would see in a molding facility, including team members from Absolute Machinery. Technician Joe Hopper and Technical Manager Stuart McCarthy worked on the set as extras for five days to make sure everything ran smoothly.
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