Injection molding machine uses permanent-magnet servomotors to boost efficiency, precision


By replacing a standard induction or frequency drive motor with a permanent-magnet servo motor, the Maxima Servo injection molding machine from Milacron Plastics Technologies is said to offer energy efficiency, reliability and part quality "rivaling" an all-electric, according to the manufacturer, but at a lower price point.

The 2-platen clamp design also allows the machine to apply pressure directly to the center of the mold instead of at the corners, differing from some competitive servodriven hydraulics and promoting better platen parallelism, which can lead to more consistent parts.

Brian Bish, hydraulic platform product manager for Milacron noted in a release that the new Maxima Servo line manages to combine the energy savings of most all-electric presses, with the small footprint and center tonnage cylinder of a 2-platen. According to Milacron, the energy savings can offer a return on the initial cost premium in as little as 6 months....
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