Injection molding: Sole acquires RocTool mold heating/cooling technology license


Plastics processor Sole S.p.A., a Tier 2 supplier of injection molded automotive components, recently acquired a production license for the RocTool inductive mold-heating technology after late last year purchasing a development license for the system. Sole long has invested in advanced injection molding technology, with the company's machine park including machines and molds equipped for bi-injection, gas injection, co-injection, multi-material, and the Dolphin technology for bi-material molding of a hard thermoplastic with foamable polyester.

RocTool's forte is its CAGE system for inductive heating of molds as well as its 3iTech technology for heating a mold by electromagnetic induction. As explained in our previous articles on RocTool, the technology facilitates rapid heating and cooling of injection molds, which helps prevent warpage and makes for better surface appearance, among other attributes. The company's molds at first were used exclusively for thermoset composites parts, but in the past few years they have rapidly gained purchase in the thermoplastic molding market.
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