Injection molding: Lego Group wins Arburg’s Energy Efficiency Award


Everyone knows the toys they make, but few realize the lengths Lego has gone to reduce its energy use. The company has increased its energy efficiency by 35% in the past three years, and is well on the way to slashing the energy used in injection molding by 45%. Challenged to help it realize these improvements has been injection molding machine manufacturer Arburg, which kicked off its annual Technology Days open house with the presentation of this year's Energy Efficiency Award.

Bali Padda, executive VP, global supply chain management at Lego, accepted the award for the toy maker. "A family-owned business can look at long term issues, and sustainability can become a central aspect of the company," he said, contrasting his employer with ones which he categorized as being too focused on hitting quarterly financial targets. That doesn't mean Lego is not in the business of making money; Padda insisted that sustainable plastics processing and manufacturing, in terms of energy use reduction and reduction of materials and waste, is the surest way of helping the bottom line....
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