Injection molding: Engel hybrid LSR system at PLASTEC West brings all-electric energy efficiency


The energy-efficient LSR injection molding system that Engel North America (York, PA) will demonstrate at the PLASTEC West show in Anaheim, CA (February 8-10, 2011), offers both high-performance production and help with California energy costs.

During the show, the 30-ton Engel e-victory 80/30 US machine, which includes automatic part removal and inspection, will be molding LSR (liquid silicone rubber) plunger tips in a two-cavity, cold-runner mold made by Roembke Mfg & Design (Ossian, IN) in 15-second cycles.
Engel e-victory systems combine a precision servo-electric injection unit with the company's well-proven tiebarless hydraulic clamping unit, then add in the company's new ecodrive system to make it as energy-efficient as an all-electric machine....
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