Injection molder’s green upgrades benefit customers and itself


From LED lighting in its office space to variable speed motors on the central chiller and all-electric injection molding machines, PRISM Plastics made energy efficiency a focal point of its new Chesterfield, MI operation, to the benefit of its bottom line, and ultimately, its customers as well.

"For us, using more energy efficient equipment and designing 'greener' facilities is a smart business move," Rod Bricker, PRISM Plastics VP and co-owner told PlasticsToday. "At the end of the day, our customers' focus is on two factors: price and quality. Many of these features and structural changes help us on both fronts to generate the best possible molded parts for our customers."

The custom injection molder invested $2.5 million in 25,000-sq-ft facility, which houses seven presses ranging in clamp tonnage from 85 to 390 tons. Bricker said that all of PRISM's facilities, including Chesterfield, MI; Port Huron, MI; and Harlingen, TX, use Toshiba all-electric injection molding machines, outfitted with Yushin 5-axis robots and SRS low-RPM screenless grinders.....
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