Injection molded medical clamp weighs just 0.003g


A medical clamp with a part weight of 0.003g will be manufactured from polyacetal supplied by Ticona in a cycle time of 4 seconds in a demonstration at the German medical show Compamed being held in Düsseldorf Nov. 16-18.

The part will be molded on a MicroPower 15/7,5 from Wittman Battenfeld with a four-cavity mold from Microsystems UK. The MicroPower is sold in a clamping-force range from 5 to 15 tonnes.

"This innovative two-step injection unit, consisting of a screw and a plunger, with a shot volume ranging from 0.05 to 4 cm³, injects thermally homogeneous melt, with the result of premium-quality parts from absolutely stable production with short cycle times," a spokesman for Wittman Battenfeld said.
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