Injection-molded crash-resistant composite steels the show


Together with its partners—metal transformation and coatings solutions provider Bekaert (Kortrijk, Belgium) and automotive plastic composite processor voestalpine Plastics Solutions (Bunschoten, The Netherlands)—materials supplier BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) is currently working on the development of thermoplastic components that are reinforced with steel cord fabrics and fabricated by means of injection molding.

The three companies have joined together with the objective of employing and further developing this new EASI (for Energy Absorption, Safety and Integrity) technology with partners in the automotive industry. In contrast to other types of reinforcements like continuous fiber-reinforced laminates or other carbon or glass fiber fabrics, the steel cord inserts especially ensure the integrity of the molded part's function in a crash situation. This reportedly creates an entirely new performance class....
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